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Welcome to Inside Health Education

At Texas Health Education Service, we recognize the need for accurate and helpful educational resources about the pathway toward becoming a healthcare professional. TXHES has been at the forefront of developing innovative resources to help guide applicants and the pre-health community through the IHE Podcast, Courage Sessions and our online communities. 

Now, JAMP, TMDSAS, and TXHES combine efforts with our member institutions to produce a dedicated virtual space for aspiring pre-dental, pre-medical, and pre-veterinary professionals, and the pre-health community: the Inside Health Education newsroom.

Inside Health Education puts you in the know, bringing clarity to the process of applying to professional school, and expanding the renowned collaboration of TMDSAS to bring pre-health advisors and professional organizations together in support of our future health professionals. 

Our goal is that this space will prime your interest in the health professions, inspire you on your journey, and give you the courage to press forward towards achieving your dreams of becoming a health practitioner. 

This resource will be updated daily and used as a medium for our organization, our member institutions, health professions advisors, current students, and health practitioners to ensure that the Texas pre-health community is informed and ready to respond to the call of service. 



Matthew Meeks

About the author: Matthew Meeks leads as executive director of the Texas Health Education Service and chief editor of Inside Health Education. He previously led college and university communications and admissions departments at various Texas public and private institutions prior to joining TMDSAS in 2017. Matthew serves as a thought leader in enrollment management best practices and marketing strategies, and writes sense-giving guides for applicants to professional school. He has previously written on international education and cultural exchange, including his doctoral dissertation on increasing representation in study abroad programs. He has also studied and worked internationally throughout his career in Europe, Latin-America, and the Middle East. Matthew will complete his doctoral studies of organizational behavior and learning at Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College in summer 2021. He also holds degrees and certificates from Dallas Baptist University and The University of Texas School of Continuing Studies. The mission of IHE is to inspire and inform future health professionals.

Inside Health Education

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