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How to Enter Your Coursework in the TMDSAS Application

The Coursework section of the TMDSAS Application may seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. We've rounded up some resources and tips from TMDSAS to help you complete this section quickly and easily. 

Tips from TMDSAS

  1. Read the Application Handbook. The TMDSAS Application Handbook addresses the most common questions about the entire application and provides the policies and guidelines to help you along the way.
  2. Entering Coursework. Enter your coursework exactly as it appears on your transcript(s). Make sure the course prefix, name, and number match your transcripts.
  3. When entering the Course Area, use the Course Listings as a guide, but don't worry if you can't find a course or are unsure of how to select the correct option (see #3).
  4. Course Area. When you submit your application, TMDSAS will use the information you provided to determine which Course Area matches. This allows us to calculate your GPA correctly. 
  5. Have AP Credits? Enter the specific course(s) and number of units granted per course on your official transcript; the status for AP credits is "PF - Pre-Freshman". Make sure you only list the credit once under the institution that granted the credit. Enter the course as a "CR - Credit".
  6. Have Lump Sum AP Credits? You'll need to submit an official letter from your registrar listing the courses for which you've received credit. Any credits listed without subject or course names will be considered non-science unless official documentation is provided.
  7. Have grades reported in credits/units? Use the conversion chart on the back of your official transcript to convert them to semester or quarter hours.
  8. Already submitted? Check your Prescribed Coursework Report (PCR) to view which courses fulfill the pre-requisites.


What You'll Need

Tips for Entering Coursework

  • Use your official transcript (unofficial transcripts are often different)
  • Do not enter transfer credit (for example, if you took a college course in high school, then you will need to refer to the transcript of that community college granting the credit)
  • Read the handbook (seriously, read it!)
  • Use the course listings for your institution (if there is no course listing for your specific institution, don't panic, you can use the course definitions and your best judgment)
  • Remember TMDSAS will code courses accordingly when processing your application (no need to stress over course area designation if you are unsure)
  • Do not forget your AP credit, exam credit, and duel credit courses (as long as they are listed on your official transcript)
  • Enter all of your planned coursework (if you do not know which courses you will be taking in the upcoming semesters then you will put a placeholder)


Coursework Definitions and Policies

To learn more about which courses count toward the pre-requisites, visit the Coursework Definitions and Policies page.

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Course Listings

Visit the Course Listings Page for your school(s) to verify that you've correctly coded your prescribed courses.

Watch Coursework Video


Have a Question about Entering Your Coursework?

Visit FAQs:

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Medical Applicants

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