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Events/Office Hours

How Do I Rank My Schools: TMDSAS Office Hours

Join the TMDSAS Support team live to get your application questions answered. Live Q&A on the TMDSAS Facebook page (

JAMP/featured jampers

JAMP Alumni Feature: Dr. Xinqi Mike Ren

Baylor College of Medicine interviews JAMP alumni, Dr. Xinqi Mike Ren. Ren initially started as a finance major in undergraduate school and later found himself interested in a new career path. Read how Ren found his support system in his pre-medical journey and the impact Baylor had on his life and career in Growing Up Baylor.

Pre-Health Development/TMDSAS

A Bad GPA: It’s Not the End of the World

Let’s take a closer look at how a bad semester, especially early on in your academic career, is not as detrimental to your overall GPA as you might think.