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IHE Podcast

Tuned in to your journey

We guide you through the pre-health journey by connecting with the admissions experts, application support, and advisors who share first-hand insights. Each episode focuses on what you can do to prepare and build an application that gets noticed by schools.

This podcast is produced and managed by the Texas Health Education Service in Austin, TX. Inside Health Education is a proud affiliate of the MededMedia network. You can reach us directly at

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Latest News


Are You a Pre-Med DACA Student? Start Here!

Here are some things to remember as well as resources to help you along your journey to professional school.


Aggieland Expands Access for Texans: Texas A&M College of Medicine Begins Considering DACA Applicants

Texas A&M University College of Medicine’s Admissions Committee unanimously voted in June to consider DACA applicants eligible for application.


Texas Medical Association Supports Medical School Consideration of DACA Recipients

Texas Medical Association adopted new policy in May that supports a re-evaluation of admission policies by Texas medical schools in relation to the eligibility of DACA recipients.

Courage Session/IHE Podcast

Funding your Health Education with the Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program

PO Ryan Evans shares how the Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program lifts the financial hurdle from so many students interested in pursuing the health professions.