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Undergraduate School Consulting

The Texas Health Education Service offers consulting for review and evaluation of pre-health professions programs at institutions around Texas. This service is provided to pre-health advisors as a means of allowing them to review all elements of their pre-health program by an external and qualified source. 



The Consulting Process offered by the Texas Health Education Service includes a complete review of the advising program at the undergraduate level. TXHES will request, prior to the site visit, complete quantitative documentation about the program as well as other materials relevant to the services currently offered. The one-day site visit will include dialogue with administrators, faculty, staff and students about the advising services and curricular programming of the institution. 

The review will culminate in a written report to the institution containing both quantitative and qualitative evaluations and offering positive comments where institutions are doing well and constructive comments in areas where improvement might be beneficial. Only the hosting institution will have access to the written report. No other institution or outside entity will receive a copy. 


To schedule a consulting visit or for more information, please contact Sue Fischer at the Texas Health Education Service at 512-499-4722 or