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APPLY Magazine

APPLY Magazine is the official magazine of the Texas Health Education Service.

APPLY is published yearly in the spring, and available for download. If you would like to request physical copies of the magazine, please submit a request form.

Article topics originate from questions future health professions students face such as understanding holistic review, writing a personal statement, and strategies to elevate your application. You can access previous editions of APPLY magazine to explore more topics.


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2019 APPLY Magazine Articles

  • “The Adventures of Zander and Taylor, or How I Found Gold in the Pre-Health Advising Office” by Debrah Beck, Ph.D. and Karen de Olivares, Ph.D.
  • “Holistic Review in the Medical School Admissions Process and What It Means for You” by Filomeno G. Maldonado, M.A.
  • “Is Dentistry a Match for You?” Kay H. Malone, D.D.S., Barbara H. Miller. D.D.S., M.S., & Ralph A. Cooley, D.D.S.
  • “Addressing the Needs of the Many: a Career in Public Health” by David L. Lakey, M.D.
  • “Don’t Freak Out! Planning Your Emotional Health During Test Prep” by James Scott Wright, Ed.D.
  • “Be the Best You: 4 Strategies for a Better Application” by Matthew C. Meeks, M.Ed.
  • “Animals, People, Disease & Health: The Future of Veterinary Medicine” by Dr. Karen Cornell
  • “Filling the Gap: What Applicants Should Know about Gap Years” by David J. Jones, M.S., Ph.D.
  • “Journal Your Way to Success” by Enrique Jasso, Jr., M.A.
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