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Changes to the TMDSAS Application for EY 2021

The Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service would like to share the following updates to the application for Entry Year 2021.

Demographics Section

Birth and Sex Options. This question asks an applicant’s sex and gives the option to decline to answer. Additionally, it asks the applicant’s gender identity and preferred pronouns.

New Sex and Gender QuestionsOptions for current gender identity: Male, Female, Trans Male/Trans Man, Trans Female/Trans Woman, Genderqueer/Gender non-conforming, Different Identity

Options for pronouns: She/Her/Hers, He/Him/His, They/Them/Theirs, Ze/Hi/Hirs, Other


Family Section

Family Education. There is a new question asking for the name of the institution at highest level of education achieved for each parent and significant person listed.


Felonies and Misdemeanors Section

The language will now mirror the question as it appears on the Texas Medical Board’s application:

Have you ever been arrested or charged with any violation of the law regardless of outcome? (Unless the offense involved alcohol or drugs, you may exclude: 1) traffic tickets; and, 2) violations with fines of $250 or less.) Yes No

Serious traffic offenses such as reckless driving, driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, hit and run, evading a peace officer, failure to appear, driving while the license is suspended or revoked MUST be reported. This list is not all-inclusive. If in doubt as to whether an offense should be disclosed, it is better to disclose the offense on the application.

Matters in which you were diverted, deferred, pardoned, or pled nolo contendere MUST be disclosed. If you are in doubt as to how to respond to the questions, full and honest disclosure is highly recommended.



Supporting Documents


Applicants will no longer send transcripts to TMDSAS at the time of submission. Instead, TMDSAS will automatically send messages to applicants once transcripts are required.

  • Exceptions will apply only to certain groups of applicants: international applicants, special programs with an expedited deadline, and applicants applying through the Academic Fresh Start provision.
  • Any other transcript received early will not begin to be processed until August 1, 2020


Letters of Evaluation

There will no longer be a designation between required and ‘extra’ letters. In addition, TMDSAS will allow letters and HPACs to be reused within two years (two cycles). TMDSAS will communicate the following message to the applicants:

Re-applicants are welcome to resubmit letters from the previous cycle given they were written after May 1. Applicants must reenter evaluator information and ensure letters are resubmitted. TMDSAS will not automatically upload or roll letters into future cycles.


Research Section

Publications/Posters/Presentations. Applicants will be asked if the research experience resulted in any publications, posters, or presentations and will be given the opportunity to provide details (500 characters).


Veterinary School Applicants

Submission Deadline

The veterinary school deadline for applicants is now September 15th, 2020. Please consult the TAMU CVM website for more information.


Essay Prompt

The language for the essay question will now read:

Please describe opportunities and challenges (veterinary-related and non-veterinary-related) you have experienced and how these have helped to prepare you to enter the veterinary profession.


Evaluation Forms

Veterinary evaluation forms must be submitted using the digital form only. TMDSAS will no longer upload evaluation forms or accept physical copies through the mail.



If you have any questions about the items listed, please contact TMDSAS at